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Vuse alto pods vype epod review

Vuse alto pods vype epods are nicotine salts-based pods made with a great aesthetic design with a wonderful mouthpiece that is cone-shaped to enhance locking lips and avoid spills and leakages when vaping. These vuse alto pods are made in different flavors and nicotine strengths ranging between 0mg to 18mg. If you are a person who prefers nicotine-free vaping, this vuse alto epod has got your interests at heart by allowing you to choose a 0mg concentration of nicotine at the time of purchase.

Different concentrations of nicotine are termed different levels, with 3mg-6mg being the lowest strength level. 12mg is the medium level of nicotine strength, and 18mg comes out as the strongest concentration level. This vuse alto epod has a 1.9ml vape juice capacity in the tank and a USB magnetic charger for recharging when the battery runs out, ensuring continuous flawless vaping sessions. The large battery capacity manages to power 275 puffs of the device. This vuse alto pods vype epods made in the industry’s most mouth-pleasing tastes and flavors, including golden tobacco, peach, iced mango, strawberry, watermelon flavors, blueberry, cucumber, berry, and aromatic tobacco.

Top disposable vape brands at  Hazetown Vapes at top products you can find at Hazetown Vapes.

Allo Vapor

Allo vapor is a fast-rising brand of vapes that produces vaping products in Canada to meet the high demand for disposable vapes and ultra-pods by smokers. Allo vapors work towards developing new flavors of disposable vapes and developing qualities on ultra-pods for a smoother experience. They are well known for the fair pricing of their products.

Allo ultra 4500 banana ice disposable vape.

Allo vapor has this device in the most discreet and compact design to fit in your go-to purse on all your journeys. It uses the draw activation mechanism for firing and so you need not struggle to find buttons to fire up the device. it produces the highest number of puffs in the alto disposables series making it a favorite among smokers. Allo ultra 4500 is made in the most fantastic flavors that will have your taste buds in a chokehold.

Allo ultra 1600 juicy mango disposable vape

If you are new to allo vapor, then this device has to be among your first purchase from them. Considering its 1600 puffs per device, wide range of juicy fruity flavors, and 20mg nicotine strength, allo ultra 1600 is not your regular disposable vape. All your nicotine cravings are settled within the first puff of this vape and last longer on the 1.5ohm coil. It is fully charged so you won’t have to worry about recharging it.


It is almost impossible for a regular smoker not to have come across the Koou brand of vapes on Hazetown vape. However, if you happen to be among the few who have come across it for the first time, here is all the information you need to know. Koou is a well-established vape brand that deals with disposable vapes and is highly competitive in the industry. It produces great quality vapes in the most gorgeous designs and colors. It is based in Los Angeles and produces products that are sold across the globe through stores such as the Hazetown vapes. Some of the disposable vapes are listed below,

Aloe grape ice koou ultra 5000 rechargeable disposable

This device is undoubtedly the most powerful disposable on the market considering it gives the highest puff count amongst its competitors. The 5000 puffs in turn necessitate recharging of the device since it is hard for a battery to last the vape to the last draw. Koou ultra 5000 has proven great performance over the years due to its high-quality build and strong nicotine concentration of 20mg. it is highly compact and portable with a great mouthpiece design for minimized leaks.


HOPO is a reputable provider of disposables and pods that are made with an elegant design and classy look. It is a Chinese brand that has been in operation since 2018 and has risen through the ranks beating other vape brands in the industry. For all the vapers looking for disposables that are equipped with the latest features and technologies, your long search ends here. HOPO produces disposable vapes such as

Aloe grape ice Novus 3000 disposable

This disposable vape is a product by the HOPO vapes that are jointly fitted with the most improved technology features making it a high-quality gadget. As a smoker, your main interest is the vape liquid capacity resulting in very powerful puffs and this gadget gives you 8ml e-liquid with 300 puffs per device. It is an easy-to-use disposable with a 1200mAh battery to support vaping till the last draw and does not support recharging so you don’t have to cut your session short for purposes of plugging it. The 1.2ohm mesh coil should have you excited for your first encounter.


The most widely known vape brand has to be MR FOG, mainly due to their presence in the market for a long time and their determination to produce high-quality disposables every time. Their scale of operation is also high and they are customer-oriented. All their products on Hazetown vapes have posted great performance in the face of competition from other brands. Their disposables include

Hawaiian dream Mr fog 2500 summer series disposable

This vape incorporates a 20mg nicotine strength that quenches your nicotine strength within the first few puffs and results in 2500 puffs. The convenience attached to this device not supporting recharging is also a feature to note and a high-quality build in design and size is a feature you cannot overlook.


As a smoker, you ought to have come across this vape brand at a time or during your visit to the Hazetown vape store. You will come across this vape brand that has the most authentic disposables in the market in the most fan-pleasing flavors of all time. It produces vapes in sleek designs and high-quality builds considering their mouthpiece design and unique features.

Lush ice vice 2500 disposable vape

Smokers take into consideration qualities that make a disposable their most preferred device and this vape has just about those qualities. This disposable has a 1.2ohm mesh coil to last you a long and gives a great cloud design and is capable of giving 2500 puffs due to the strong 100mAh battery that it is fitted with. Its range of flavors is exciting ranging from fruity to icy.

Lush ice vice 5500 rechargeable disposable vape

For a higher performance vice disposable, this lush ice 5500 is your best shot as it gives 5500 puffs and supports recharging to ensure long sessions for maximum satisfaction. The flavors are without a doubt what you have been hoping to experience. 


Just like the name suggests, this vape brand is the real beast in the disposables industry. Flavor beast produces disposables with one of the highest vape juice capacities of 10ml that ensures you enjoy very long-lasting vaping sessions. Flavor beast disposables are the perfect epitome of high quality and gorgeous design.

Lit lychee watermelon iced flavor beast flow 4000 puff rechargeable disposable.

A 600mAh battery capacity, 10ml e-liquid capacity, and 400 puffs are the bestselling qualities that have been brought together to make this disposable the best-selling vape in the industry. The flavors have been made with the best blending technology to create unique tastes.


RBH has its name coined from three founders who are Rothmans, Benson, and Hedges, and was established to encourage responsible vaping among smokers. Its main focus is to make Canada a smoke-free state in the decade to come. Their first vaping product entered the market in 2021 under its parent company, Phillip Morris International (PMI). This brand has the most well-marketed recyclable product in the market.

Indiblue veeba 350 puff disposable (strawberry pomegranate)

This device has a sleek design that makes it portable and fits in the palm of your hand and has a lithium-ion battery of 280mAh. The device is light in weight with well-crafted flavors and gives 350 puffs per device. it is a new product that is worth trying. 


GCORE is a new vape manufacturing brand that has all the new trends in the market incorporated into their devices. It is an avid competitor on price by selling its products at very affordable prices compared to other brands

Fruit loop Gcore 3000 puff disposable

This disposable has a compact shape and design with a 20mg nicotine strength to meet your nicotine craving and does not support recharging. It yields 3000 puffs per device.


Airistech is a vape brand that is committed to ensuring you enjoy your vaping experience by continuously adding new vapes to its collection. These vapes are portable and discreet with a great mouthpiece design to avoid spills.

Mamba grape ice airis beast 4000 disposable

This disposable comes in 14 flavors with a 16ml vape juice capacity that supports 4000 puffs and 20mg nicotine to ensure satisfaction.


Chilly peach pineapple vim 5500 rechargeable disposable

It is a rechargeable disposable vape with 5000 puffs per device producing a great volume of cloud on a 15ml salt nicotine concentration. The dark-bill-shaped mouthpiece keeps the juice from leaking and you can vape on this disposable all day long. The 500mAh battery guarantees you long battery life.


Envi is composed of Envi boost and Envi apex vapes and they are based in Canada producing high-quality vape products. Envi apex is costly and has greater vape qualities than Envi boost even though they are brother brands.  They are packaged in great flavors to keep you wanting more.

Envi apex 2500 white grape disposable

This disposable vape has a 6ml e-liquid capacity, 2500 puff count, uses a draw-activated firing mechanism, and 20mg of nicotine for a smooth vaping session.

Envi boost cappuccino disposable vape

A lightweight, beautifully designed flavorful vape with 5ml e-liquid capacity, 1500 puffs, a large 1900mSh battery and draw activated firing mechanism which harbors 20mg nicotine strength.


If you are a party lover who is seeking ways to relax, boost your mood and find an effective stimulant, then these party-brand vapes are your customized disposables. Kanna is an active ingredient in the vapes that helps you elevate your mood and relax.  This brand produces natural flavors and a mint flavor of vapes.

Kanna 500mg party bar mint flavor

It is a mint-flavored disposable device having a 2ml vape juice capacity and kanna as the active ingredient. It is rechargeable through a micro USB port and gives 1500 puffs.


Ripe vapes is an able vape brand that has an excellent team of developers with a special focus on customer feedback and requests. It is a globally recognized brand and takes care of all its customers needs.

Ripe vapes grape freez disposable

This disposable gives 2200 puffs per device with 20mg nicotine and requires easy maintenance and use. It has a high-quality build with a stellar performance.

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