Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe By North Spore Review


Perfectly crafted to make the process of growing mushrooms a breeze, this Mushroom Growing Kit is an ideal solution for those just getting started. When cultivated in suitable humidity, Golden Oyster will produce colorful and appealing mushrooms with denser fruiting bodies and a reliable producer.

The popular Golden Oyster mushroom strain is present in the North Spore Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe, a syringe that has been filled with the liquid culture. The syringe contains precisely 10mL of the Golden Oyster liquid culture and is packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve. The self-healing injection port in grain bags is penetrated by the syringe’s 16 gauge sterile needle. An alcohol wipe is provided to aid in sterilizing the need when there is no chance of cross-contamination.

About the Strain

North Sun Golden Oyster, often known as Pleurotus Citrinopileatus, is a popular commercial strain that has won the hearts of many. It is renowned for having dense fruit bodies and is less likely to be brittle than other strains of golden oysters. It is also known for reliably growing and offering higher amounts of stunningly gorgeous brilliant yellow to deep golden mushrooms in the ideal humidity.

Liquid culture is mycelium suspended in a nutrient-rich medium. Syringes are perfect for people looking for a simple approach to inoculating grain bags and jars because they are user-friendly for beginners.

North Spore liquid mushroom culture syringes are ~10ml and come sealed in a plastic sleeve with a sterile 16 gauge needle and alcohol wipe.


Direction for use

A self-healing injection port needs to be used for syringe insertion. Always handle using sterile techniques and give things a good shake before using. To lessen the chance of contamination, we advised inoculation in either a flow hood or still air box. Sterilize your needle before and after each usage if you intend to reuse it. Refrigerate upon receipt for optimal results.


North Spore Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Specifications

  • Plastic Syringe For Easy Application
  • Sterile 16 Gauge Needle
  • 10mL Capacity
  • Sealed In A Plastic Sleeve
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Shelf Life: 2 Months (Refrigerated)


Content of Pack

  • 1x Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe by North Spore
  • 1x Alcohol Wipe


The Manufacturer’s Mission

By empowering people to cultivate and harvest their own healthy edible and medicinal mushrooms, North Spore is on a mission to upend the current food chain. Their work is primarily motivated by the potential for mushrooms to naturally enhance health and wellbeing and serve as an effective, sustainable meat alternative, in addition to the sound environmental effects of mycelium (such as soil nutrient cycling and bioremediation). North Spore strives to supply organic, natural, non-GMO, and locally sourced materials from companies that share their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

North Spore produces all of its spawn, sterile substrates, cultures, and kits at its vertically integrated facility. They take their customers’ needs seriously. They are fortunate to have several staff of mycologists leading research and development as well as skilled lab technicians managing their spawn and substrate production, in-house laboratory, and in-house culture bank.

They are equally invested in the innovation of others through their Research Partnerships program and Mycology Scholarship program!

Price and Availability

They are available for around $20 on the world’s number one hemp-based company, Superstrain. Superstrain sells high-quality, cost-efficient alternative products that customers will love and their clients will appreciate. You should give them a try today, especially with the Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe by North Spore.

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