Unicorn Milk E-juice 120ML By Cuttwood Review


One of Cuttwood’s most promising e-juice concoctions, Unicorn Milk, is produced with the greatest premium-grade extracts and American-manufactured nicotine. Sweet strawberries and four delicious creams are combined to create e-juice.

If an all-day creamy vape is something you have been searching for, then you may have just stumbled on a jackpot. Read on to find out what the Unicorn Milk Ejuice 120ML By Cuttwood has in store for you.

Flavor Description

A mainstay of the vaping industry, Cuttwood Vape Juice Unicorn Milk is commonly mentioned to new vapers. This e-liquid flavor will be quite recognizable to you if you’ve ever had a strawberry milkshake made with Nesquik.

With each inhale of the Cuttwood Unicorn Milk, the delicious strawberry covered in rich milk bursts into the flavor palate. The sweetness of the strawberries and the richness of the creams are in a delicious harmony when you exhale.

The strawberry cream flavor is enticing from the moment you inhale to the moment you exhale, and it is capped with a delicious creamy aftertaste that will tempt you to take another puff.

VG and PG Ratio

At this point, we get to know just how much vapor and flavor this e-juice can produce. A base of 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol is used to make Cuttwood Unicorn Milk (PG). This implies that because of its tremendous VG ratio, you should prepare to vape in a room full of vapor. 

Additionally, since the e-liquid is not a coil killer, you won’t have to worry about your coils being destroyed too quickly. Due to its high VG content, it is also perfect for use with sub-ohm tanks and other similar vaping equipment.

The PG ratio, however, is perfect for giving you just the appropriate amount of flavor while still enabling you to appreciate the intricacies of the flavor profile. Additionally, PG aids in the flow and smoothness of your throat hits.

How Much Nicotine Does This Ejuice Contain

Every vaper may pick the Unicorn Milk Ejuice by Cuttwood that best meets their preferences because it comes in a variety of nicotine strengths.

For those vapers who would prefer to avoid nicotine, it is available in 0mg. For vapers who like a nicotine throat hit that is midway between mild and strong, it is also offered in 3mg and 6mg concentrations. Last but not least, it is offered in a 12mg strength that is made for vapers seeking a significantly greater nicotine throat hit.

A Little About The Manufacturer

One of the most well-known juice brands in the vaping industry is currently Cuttwood. They are a premier manufacturer with its headquarters in Irvine, California. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has continued to produce amazing collections of delicious e-juice flavors. These flavors were each intentionally created to appeal to as many vapers as possible, and the industry today regards them as classic blends.

All of their vape juice flavors are handcrafted in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, utilizing only the finest ingredients and flavors available.

Conclusion and Pricing

Overall, the Unicorn Milk Ejuice By Cuttwood is a delicious treat for strawberry fans with a wonderfully amazing strawberry cream flavor. The e-liquid is effective from the very first drop to the very last. You would not have a problem enjoying this flavor with as much nicotine as you can stomach because it is also available in different nicotine concentrations.

It is packaged in a massive 120ml bottle with a child-resistant top and tamper-evident seal. Normally priced at $49.99, the 120ml bottle of Unicorn Milk E-Juice can be purchased on westcoastvapesupply.com for $19.75, saving you up to $30.24.

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