An Introduction to Mushroom Tincture Oils


Humans have used mushrooms for hundreds of years, and they’ve known for their many benefits. Just to be clear, the mushrooms we’re talking about are not magic mushrooms. There’s no psilocybin in them. Therefore, expect NO psychotropic effects or hallucinations. These are adaptogenic and nootropics mushrooms. They have calming and cognitive-enhancing effects. There are numerous mushroom oil products on the market. Below, we highlight one of the best mushroom oils.

CBDfx Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy Blend

CBDfx has been around since 2014 and is one of the top brands in the CBD industry. Their Focus Drops are their first mushroom products. This product contains cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). The latter is known for its energizing and focus-enhancing properties.

CBDfx Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy Blend contains Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens and nootropics. Get ready for a boost of energy and enhanced concentration when you use this tincture oil.

Mushrooms and Cannabis

Unlike magic mushrooms and cannabis, which have psychoactive effects, adaptogenic mushrooms are often called “smart drugs” because they enhance cognitive functions and boost your energy levels. They also provide pain relief, boost the immune system, enhance your mood, and reduce the level of Cortisol in the body.

Adaptogens vs. Nootropics

Adaptogenic Mushrooms: They make you mentally and physically calm by reducing stress. Their main superpower is reducing the Cortisol hormone, which is responsible for causing stress. They boost your energy and keep you calm to adapt better to stressful situations. The effects of adaptogens can vary depending on various factors. The most popular apaptogens used are: Cordyceps, Chaga, and Turkey Tail.

Nootropics Mushrooms: They stimulate brain cell growth and repair, and in so doing, help with brain functions. They also protect the brain from chemical imbalances, like the ones related to serotonin and dopamine. And generally support cognitive function. Some of the most common nootropics are Lion’s Mane, Maitake, and Reishi.

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