Features and benefits of VINCI Q POD from VOOPOO


The VINCI Q POD is a reliable device from VOOPOO that was built to assure you great performance. If you want to get a pod that can serve you well, you need to try the pod. It was developed to assure you of the best performance. If you want to enjoy different e-liquids, you will never regret buying the pod. It was designed to assure vapers value for money. The different parts used in the pod are of the highest quality standards to allow you to enjoy every aspect of it. It is portable, making it easy to enjoy vaping from any location. You need to get the pod, and it will contribute to making you enjoy great performance.

6 macaron colors

The VOOPOO makes pods in different colors. Count on it, and it will make you enjoy every aspect of it. It is among a few pods that are made to allow you to enjoy carrying pods in different colors. You are free to choose your preferred colors, and VINCI Q POD will make you enjoy vaping pleasure.

Compatible with various cartridges

You are free to try different cartridges. VINCI Q POD is compatible with a wide range of cartridges that include VINCI POD, VINCI POD Royal Edition, DRAG Nano 2. The compatibility of different cartridges will bring you the pleasure of multiple experiences for less money. After you get it, it will assure you of the best experience possible. Try the vape, and it will allow you to enjoy the highest level of performance possible.

900mAh inbuilt battery

The VINCI Q POD from VOOPOO comes with a high-capacity battery. It is powerful enough to provide even heating. The rich vapor produced will make you get the highest level of satisfaction. Several people who use it are pleased to share great reviews. You will be part of the team that will offer great reviews after deciding to go for the pod. The battery is made to have several safety features that will never worry you. You will always remain comfortable and safe after you buy the pod.

Button and auto mode

With just a press of a button, you can select the vaping mode on the VINCI Q POD. Some people would like to have certain flavors. They are free to choose it from the pod. It is very easy to choose the modes. If you want to get low vapor production, you will just change the mode. The pod is made to allow different vapers to get the best results. You have assured the best experience after you decide to go for the pod. Several vapers who have tried the pod offer great reviews. Whether it’s button or auto mode, VINCI Q POD can bring wonderful cloud in the first time. If it’s the first time you’ve tried its Auto mode, you’ll love it

Top filing

When it comes to refiling the e-liquid, there will be no stress. The pod can be refiled from the top, making it easy for you to refill it. You need to try the pod, making it easy for you to enjoy the best experience in your vaping adventure. All the features on the pod are aimed to make it very comfortable and reliable.

2.0 ml full view cartridge

It has a large size cartridge to hold enough e-liquid. You can spend the whole day vaping after you refill it. Several vapers prefer it because it is developed to assure them the best performance possible. With the help of view cartridge, It is easy to know the level of the e-liquid and make plans to refill. Try the unit, and it will assure you the best vaping experience possible.

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