Silicone Water Pipe w/ Glass Bowl by Atomic Dog Vapor Review


Do you have a history of getting glass pipes broken frequently because of dropping? Then, switch to Silicone Water Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor. This silicone pipe works exactly like a glass pipe, so nothing to get worried about the changeover. It is a perfect replacement for glass pipes. Water filtration in silicone pipe is similar to that of glass pipes and it is an ideal choice for any smoking collection. The benefit of this silicon pipe is that it will take a long time to get dirty. The material used for the construction is quite opaque which means the color will never fade off. However, cleaning the pipe with a cleaning solution is a prerequisite to maintain hygiene and to the same high-quality flavor.

All of us know that glass bongs cost more and are easy to break. So why buy glass bongs again and again? Silicon water pipes are unbreakable. These pipes are also collapsible on impact and can get back to the original state right away. Silicone Water Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor is made of high-quality platinum-cured silicone material. The materials used for construction meets FDA approval standards. This colorful silicone pipe features a glass bowl and down stem. It can resist heat and is 14 inches tall. Each piece is unique and the Rainbow Tie-Dye Swirl pattern will be different for each piece.

The material used to manufacture this silicone water pipe is a BPA-free material and is food-grade. Silicon is a nontoxic polymer made from silica and can withstand heat. The major advantage of having a portable device like this is simply the mobile aspect of it. You can take this water pipe along with you anywhere you go. Silicon water pipes work well with all types of herbs. Silicon pipes are less likely to break. Silicon is a simple material that is affordable than glass. Cleaning is very important to maintain the device and to enhance the airflow. Improved airflow results in more efficient smoke.   

You can buy this colorful silicone water pipe from Atomic Dog Vapor at a discounted rate. A piece of the silicon water pipe is available for just $26.99, instead of the original price of $34.99. Grab your piece without delay to avail of the discount. Atomic Dog Vapor is very popular in the United States as an online seller of vaping products. They have a wide collection of vape juices, tanks, pods, coils, batteries, and premium accessories to choose from. They sell their products at a discounted price without compromising on quality. This company doesn’t have any brick and mortar store or sales staff anywhere. So, it does not have to rent buildings and pay staff. The saving from these are shared with their customers as discounts. When you buy your vaping products from Atomic Dog Vapor, you don’t have to worry about shipping. This company offers fast delivery services to all states in the US at a reasonable price. Local delivery services are handled by USPS.

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