Glass Skull Mini-Water Hookah Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor Review


Glass Skull Mini-Water Hookah Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor is specially crafted to smoke tobacco with different flavors like mint, apple, cherry, coconut, chocolate, licorice, watermelon, and cappuccino. It has a human skull shape and is made of thick glass. This glass skull stores water to use as a hookah. It features a rubber stopper that holds the down tube, capped bowl, and draw tube with a plastic mouthpiece. It is around 3 inches wide and 4.5 inches in height.  Glass Skull Mini-Water Hookah Pipe comes pre-assembled. The draw tube has a length of 8.5 inches which is perfect for this type of mini water hookah.

When your tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through the water and is then inhaled through the drawtube to the mouthpiece. Hookah smoking is the same as cigarette smoking. The major drawback is water in the bowl does not have the capability of filtering out the toxic elements in the tobacco smoke. So, those who are using hookah inhale more smoke than cigarette smokers because hookah smokers inhale a large volume of smoke with each draw.

Glass Skull Mini-Water Hookah Pipe by Atomic Dog Vapor is available in various color schemes – white, purple, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. You have to handle this hookah with care as it breaks if dropped. It is easy to clean, so clean it regularly with soap and warm water after each use. Glass skull mini-water hookah pipe is portable and easy carry anywhere and is perfect for outdoor use as it fits in your hand. It is made of premium quality materials and free from any harmful compounds.

You can buy Glass Skull Mini-Water Hookah Pipe online from the Atomic Dog Vapor store. You can get a piece of this smart mini hookah for just $8.99. You can buy all types of vaping products from Atomic Dog Vapor at a very cheap price without compromising on quality. This shop does not maintain any brick and mortar office or sales staff. So, it does not pay any building rent or staff salary. The profit from these saving they are passing to the customers by selling their products at a discounted price. It is always recommended to buy your favorite vaping product or accessories from reputed sellers like Atomic Dog Vapor to avoid getting cheated by the street seller. This company has a wide selection of vape juices, coils, tanks, pods, batteries, and many more accessories to choose from.

Atomic Dog Vapor is popular in the US for its high-class service and customer care. You don’t have to worry about the shipping when you buy something from this company. They offer fast delivery services to all states in the United States for a minimal price. The deliveries are handled by USPS. All orders made before 2 pm will be shipped out the same day and others will be shipped out in 24 hours. The orders are shipped as 2-3 days priority mail.

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